Maintain Your Independence and Ability To Age At Home

Affordable Home Care Assistance Plan

How To Live Your Senior Years With Peace Of Mind And Dignity... Even If You Think You Won't Qualify!

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Do you have a Personal Future Health Care strategy in place, so you can continue to stay in your own home when you are no longer able to care for yourself?

Why This Plan Is Important to Seniors :

Care Options

Discover how to get your care and how it will get paid for. No other insurance policies provide home care coverage at a reasonable cost that seniors can easily get approved for.

Reside At Home

You can live in the comfort of your home while you get care and not have to rely on family for help. You have an affordable option to pay for the “Aging In Place” and not use all your retirement funds.

Your Care Your Way

You decide on the care you want so you're not placed in the broken "one-size-fits-all" system. You deserve quality care and access to what is best for you.

Affordable Friendly 

Imagine having the choice and funds to remain in your home for as long as possible with the help of friendly professional service providers.  


“Over 70% of individuals age 65 and over will require some type of Long Term Care”

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Seniors Are Worried They'll Lose Their   
Independence And Be Placed In A Facility Far Away From Loved Ones

The Good News Is That You Can 
Have YOUR CARE YOUR WAY Rather Than The Undesirable and Impersonal Way

1) Stay in your Own home and have 100% Control Over Your Care

Usually you have to deal with the headache of coordinating with government services, supplies, and equipment which is why so many go along with the idea to go to a care facility. 

Wouldn't you love to decide who, when, and what care is provided?

Now, you can get the support, resources, and care you need in your own home with MyDignity. 

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2) Many Seniors think they will not Qualify, but  Are Surprised To Learn that Most Do Qualify For this Plan

Unlike traditional Long-Term Care Insurance, with MyDignity, 95% of all applicants are approved. 

No medical exams. Just a few simple medical questions. This is the affordable and easy path to aging in place.

Don't leave your future health care strategy to the whims of government entities. 

Speak with us and find out how you can get easily approved. 

3) Enjoy flexibility And Choice

Enjoy "person-driven care" vs. "government system-driven care". 

With MyDignity Plan, you can direct your benefits to the care you need, when you need it, such as: professional nursing, including personal support workers in your own home, hospitalization and convalescence, home conversion expenses, and much more.

1) Stay in your home and get help When You Need It

Usually you have to deal with the headache of special services, supplies, and equipment which is why so many go along with the idea their sold, to go to a care facility.

You can get equal support, resources, and care with My Dignity. 

Ready to get all your questions answered?  Step 1 is to put your email in the form on this page.

2) Don't worry family members 

It's likely you have family that is loving and more than happy to help you, but they might be working full time. Avoid that uncomfortable conversation with this win-win option. 

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3) Don't Lose Your Independence

It's your choice to stay in your home, even when you need some support. There's no need to feel that you will become a burden on your loved ones.

If you don't know who to talk to about this, we are ready to listen to your concerns, your wishes, and help you plan for the day you eventually need help.

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Meet Your Trusted Team:
Del & Susanne Wilmot

Del is an Independent Insurance and Wealth Advisors since 1994. His senior clients trust him to develop Retirement and Estate plans that include a strategy for their future health care.
His process can also include ensuring a client's investments are estate-friendly
The Goal at Wilmot Financial is to Organize, Simplify and Optimize our clients' financial life.

What Your Plan Covers? - You Choose

The following are some of the Services, Supplies and Equipment
Covered by MyDignity

  • Registered Nurse (or certified nursing assistant, including personal support worker).
  • Home Conversion Expenses
  • Moving Allowance
  • ​Meals
  • ​Transportation Expenses
  • ​Health Monitoring System
  • ​Respite Services
  • Psychological Services for Informal Caregivers
  •  Purchase or Rental of Equipment
  • Accessories for Diabetics
  • ​Non-motorized wheelchair, hospital beds, ventilator.
  • ​Hospitalization
  • ​Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • And much more.

Popular Options For Seniors

The all-in-one platform for home care


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What People Say About
Wilmot Financial Services

 J. L. Ferris, B.A. LL.B. LL.M. C.Med, CEA

I have dealt with Del as my personal financial advisor for many years. 

He keeps himself well-informed on changes in markets, the economy and types of investments available. 

He maintains good communications with his clients. Del is sensitive to his client’s circumstances and makes appropriate investment recommendations. 

I have always found him to be honest, forthright and trustworthy.
 Dundalk,  Flesherton,  Creemore, ON

John R.
Fergus, ON

I have known Del now for more than 20 years. He has been our financial advisor for nearly as long.
My wife and I really appreciate Del’s individual approach and attention to our specific goals, unlike the cookie cutter approach of the banks. He is always able to frame things in a way that makes them easy to understand, without making us feel “talked down to”, and his honesty and integrity are plain to see.
I can strongly recommend Del for any of your insurance or investment needs, and I feel fortunate to have him taking care of ours.
 Fergus, ON

Sue and Tim Z. 
Mount Forest, ON

Always a pleasure to work with Del and Susanne at Wilmot Financial Services.
It is like meeting a friend to go over your finances, only he actually knows what he’s doing! 

Del always takes the time to return calls or emails, and he provides and explains all the necessary information you need to understand. 

We have recently made changes to our company and Del has helped us through the challenges and planning out what retirement would look like for us. 
Thanks for all you do Del.
Mount Forest, ON

Del can present financial information so it’s easy to understand. He also takes the time to answer all your questions. I feel that he always has my best interests at heart. For example, when the life insurance company wanted to charge me a higher premium, Del went to bat for me to get the very best rate. That resulted in him making less compensation but it was the right thing to do so he did it!

Del and Susanne are always quick to respond to questions. If I have an issue, I will have a reply the same day. They treat me like a person not just an account number.

Kelly O., Fergus, ON

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Right Now You Have Three Options When It Comes To Home Care Assistance

Option #1

Home Care

It's simple, affordable, convenient and designed for your wishes.
  • MyDignity Home Care is easy to obtain and affordable.
  • About 95% of all applicants are approved.
  • There’s no medical underwriting required, just a simple application with a health declaration for immediate acceptance and no waiting period for benefits.

Option #2

Traditional Long-Term Care

It's complicated, costly, and designed with the companies best interest.
  • Long term care insurance products are difficult to obtain and expensive. 
  • About 50% of applicants are declined.
  • Underwriting includes five years of medical records including doctors’ clinical notes, and the application process is detailed and cumbersome.

Option #3

Do Nothing

Be at the mercy of whatever the government chooses to provide you. No control.
  • You're a recipient of care, with no choice over who the government sends your home, or when, or how often.
  • Eligibility determined by government. Assistance can be reduced or declined altogether.
  • No support for instrumental activities of daily living, such as, laundry, groceries, shopping, light house-keeping or meal prep.

MyDignity is Your Care Your Way

We want seniors to know that you don’t have to go to a Retirement/Long Term Care home until absolutely necessary. You have options and can get the care you want and deserve. Speak with us and explore all your options. 
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